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Section 1: Individual

A. The membership of this Association shall be open to any Deaf/HH and hearing citizen with understanding that Hearing members may vote but may not be elected officer.

B.  Any member shall have voice and vote privileges at the Association meetings.

Section 2: Organization

A. Any Deaf organization in the State of Michigan supporting this Association's purpose and objectives may affiliate with this Association.

B. Affiliated organization's president or a representative shall have voice and vote privileges at this Association's meetings.

C. The affiliated organization shall pay special annual dues on rate per member set forth by the Conference assembly.

(See Article 2 in the Policy and Procedures Guidelines.)

Section 3

Each year, graduates of any secondary educational program for the Deaf in the State of Michigan are entitled to a year's free active membership in the Association.

Their membership qualifies them to attend meetings of the Chapter nearest their homes.

Chapters are responsible in securing the names of such graduates and awarding the membership.

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Organized in 1887 and Incorporated in 1911

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