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Section 1: Title and Term

A. The Officers of this Association shall be a President, 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Coordinator and Public Relations Coordinator.

These seven duly-elected officers shall serve as an Executive Board.

B.  Their terms of office shall be from conference to conference. (2 years)

C. The immediate past President shall serve on the Executive Board and Board of Directors for one year only.

Section 2: Election Procedure

A. The election of officers shall take place only at Biennial Conferences of this Association.

B. A member is eligible to hold an office in this Association if he/she,

1) is a resident of the State of Michigan,

2) is in good standing, and

3) has been a member for at least one year.

A former member who wishes to return to the Association and be eligible to hold an office shall pay current year and last year's dues.

C. Newly-elected officers shall take oath on the same day of election.

However, they shall not take office until thirty (30) days after an election.

The previous officers shall conduct this Association's business during that thirty (30) day period, but shall not initiate any new programs or projects without consulting the newly-elected officers.

The newly-elected Board shall be a part of any meeting or business transactions conducted by the previous Board during the thirty (30) day period of transition.

Section 3: Vacancy of Office

A. In the event of the death or resignation of a resident, the 1st Vice-President shall assume the presidency and appoint another person from the Board of Directors to the office of 1st Vice-President, subject to approval of the Board of Directors.

B. In the event of the death or resignation of an officer other than the President, the President may appoint another person to fulfill the vacancy, subject to approval of the Board of Directors.

C. An officer who desires to resign from office shall submit a written resignation to the Executive Board and it shall be read at the next scheduled Board of Director’s meeting.

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