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Regional Representatives

Section 1: Title and Term

A. The Association shall have two (2) representatives from each of four regions.

(Eight representatives total)

See Article 4, Section H in Policy and Procedures Guidelines for list of counties for each region.

B. Their term shall be from conference to conference. (2 years)

Section 2: Election Procedure

A. The election of Representatives shall take place at Biennial conference of the Association.

Two representatives are elected from each region.

B. A member is eligible to be Representative in this Association if he/she,

1) is a resident of the region in the State of Michigan,

2) is good standing member, and

3) does not hold any office.

C. Newly-elected Representative shall take oath on the same day with the new officers.

D. If not all Representatives are elected at the conference, the President shall appoint members to fill the positions with the approval of the Board of Directors.

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